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If a fatal accident has occurred within your business, this can represent an extremely difficult time for your business and employees, particularly if you are facing charges for the incident. At Draycott Browne, we are here to help minimise stress when under investigation for corporate manslaughter.

The consequences of corporate manslaughter can be serious for both individuals and businesses alike. Therefore, we advise any business facing changes of corporate manslaughter seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Cases of corporate manslaughter can be extremely complex, and should be faced with a team of experts behind you. If you have had a fatality at work and are under investigation for corporate manslaughter, do not hesitate to seek legal advice from Draycott Browne. Call us today on +44 (0)161 228 2244.

What is corporate manslaughter?

As of 2007, The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act established a new offence that would hold companies responsible for fatalities at work. This is known as corporate manslaughter.

A fatality at work is considered corporate manslaughter when an individual has died due to an accident that could have been prevented, provided the correct health and safety features were put in place by management.

Cases of corporate manslaughter are investigated by the police in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Investigations will look closely at senior management and whether a lack of health and safety measures contributed to the fatality.

Punishments for corporate manslaughter

The penalties for corporate manslaughter include:

  • Unlimited fines - typically ranging from £500,000 into millions of pounds
  • A remedial order - requiring the company to address and fix the cause of the fatality
  • A publicity order - requiring a company to publicise its conviction and its terms to customers, shareholders and the general public

These penalties can be given to an individual or a company as a whole. Due to the seriousness of the above penalties, it is imperative that you and your business seek advice and representation from experienced solicitors as soon as possible.

How we can help

Our solicitors pride themselves on dedicating their time to provide clients with the best possible advice and representation. We will help you throughout the following processes:

  • Receiving enforcement notices
  • Attending interviews
  • Responding to disclosure requests
  • On-site investigations
  • Inquests into the case
  • Court proceedings


Our team of experienced solicitors provide services within Manchester and throughout North West England. If a fatal accident has happened within your business and you need expert advice and representation throughout the legal process, call Draycott Browne today on 0161 228 2244.

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