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Money laundering is the act of concealing the origins of money obtained through illegal activities. If you are under suspicion of this crime, or are currently under investigation, it is imperative you seek advice and representation from the experts.

At Draycott Browne, we offer specialist advice to anyone who is facing money laundering charges. Our expert business crime solicitors have successfully provided advice and representation in money laundering cases since 1998, so you can rest assured you have an experienced and professional team behind you.

If you are facing charges of money laundering and want the best possible outcome for your case, contact the expert solicitors at Draycott Browne on +44 (0)161 228 2244.


Under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, it is an offence to have any involvement with the following activities:

  • Possessing criminal property (such as goods or money)
  • Using criminal property
  • Concealing or disguising criminal property
  • Facilitating the acquisition or control of criminal property

In order for property to be defined as criminal, it must be proven to be obtained through criminal activity.


Depending on the circumstances of the crime, its timescale and the amount of criminal property involved, your sentence could vary widely. The penalties for money laundering include:

  • A maximum of 14 years' imprisonment
  • Community punishment


Draycott Browne will be there for you every step of the way. We provide first class advice and representation throughout the investigation and trial processes, including:

  • Restraint orders
  • Confiscation proceedings
  • Investigations
  • Interviews with the authorities
  • Preparing your case for trial
  • Representing you in court

Our solicitors pride themselves on analysing every piece of evidence against you in order to ensure you have the best possible chance of a successful case. This attention to detail could mean the difference between your freedom and imprisonment.


Our solicitors have practised within the area of business crime since 1998, and their experience and expertise are give you the best possible chance of a successful case. We provide our services within Manchester and throughout the North West. When facing such serious consequences, you cannot afford to settle for anything less than Draycott Browne. Call our business crime team today on +44 (0)161 228 2244.

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