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Draycott Browne has a specialist team of solicitors dedicated to providing you with motoring law expertise. We have practised motoring law since 1998, so, should you need our help, you can rest assured you have an experienced and committed team of solicitors behind you.

A car is precious to us all and in many cases invaluable. You do not have to lose your licence just because you have broken the law. In cases where your penalty points are likely to exceed the usual 12 point limit, we can argue special reasons not to endorse or exceptional hardship.

If you are facing charges related to motoring law and want advice from the experts, call Draycott Browne on +44 (0)161 228 2244 or fill in our online contact form.

Our motoring law services

Our solicitors are here to help you with all your motoring law needs. We specialise in two types of motoring law:

We are available 24/7

If you or a loved one has been arrested on motoring law charges, you should not hesitate to call us at the earliest possible opportunity. Our solicitors are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to assist you at the police station after your arrest.

While at the station, our solicitors will advise you on what to say and liaise with the police on your behalf. It is our job to ensure you are treated fairly and that your rights are respected throughout your time in custody.

Help with legal fees

Arrests can be unexpected, and therefore you may not have the funds to pay for legal help. However, our service, at the police station, is free at the point of delivery, meaning we will provide our services to anyone in need of our help.

You may also be eligible to receive legal aid, helping you to pay any legal fees incurred. Our solicitors will guide you through the legal aid application process, ensuring you have the best possible chance of receiving the funds you need to get the highest level of legal representation.


Our team of experienced solicitors offer their services with motoring law offences within Manchester and throughout North West England. To receive the advice and representation from industry-leading qualified motoring law solicitors today, call Draycott Browne on +44 (0)161 228 2244 or fill in our online contact form.

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