Beth Mantel
Consultant Solicitor

Beth Mantel

Consultant Solicitor

Beth Mantel is a Solicitor at Draycott Browne and has the ability of seeing a case through from the police station investigation stage to the Magistrates or Crown Court. Beth also has experience in preparing appeals heard in the Court of Appeal or CCRC.

Beth’s practice is based in the Crown Court and she deals with predominantly serious crime involving Drug Conspiracies, Drug Importations, Robbery, Murder and Serious Violence. However, in recent years Beth has been instructed on some High Value Fraud and Money Laundering cases. Beth has dealt with some highly complex confiscation cases where she has successfully defended hidden asset applications, she understands that the ancillary matters can have more severe consequences than the original prosecution.

Beth’s key quality is making clients feel comfortable but at the same time being able to analyse large quantities of material including cell site data, telephone records, bank statements and charts very quickly establishing what the key issues are that each client has to overcome to secure a good result.

Should you require any advice and assistance from Beth Mantel, contact Beth on 07791 589892 or email her at Beth.Mantel@draycottbrowne.co.uk

Notable Cases

R v B [2011] – Beth defended the main defendant in a large scale national cocaine conspiracy.

R v K [2012] – Beth was successful in overturning a conviction for murder in the court of appeal then went on to represent the defendant in his subsequent re-trial. The murder involved a shooting in Greater Manchester.

R v K [2012] – Beth defended a defendant in a drug conspiracy involving class a drugs that spanned between Liverpool, Manchester and Preston.

R v C [2013] – Beth was successful in arguing there was ‘no case to answer’ on a multi million-pound mortgage fraud.

R v H [2014] – This defendant was successful in defending allegations of drug importation, money laundering and firearms allegations.

R v W [2015] – Beth defended the lead defendant in a £5million Conspiracy to Defraud involving international elements.

R v J [2015] – Beth defended an allegation of money laundering after the defendant was charged with owning an escort agency and the crown suggested the money from this was therefore the proceeds of crime.

R v M [2016]- This defendant was alleged to be the head of a cocaine criminal organisation, Beth defended this client tirelessly in a trial that lasted almost 5 months with over 150,000 pages of call data records.

R v G [2016] – This defendant faced allegations of kidnap and torture, he was acquitted following a successful half time application.

R v D [2017] – Beth represented this defendant in a national money laundering case, this case was extensive following a two-year operation.

R v H [2017] – Beth defended a drug conspiracy involving class A and B drugs, the Defendants were charged following a year long undercover operation so the material to consider was extensive.