Credit Card Skimming and Trapping Defence Lawyers

Card skimming and card trapping take place when a card is swiped by a machine - usually a cash machine or ATM, but sometimes also when a card is used to pay on retail premises.

The terms have slightly different meanings, depending on whether the card itself is taken, or just the details are copied from it:

  • Card skimming uses a small device illegally fitted to the card slot to copy the details from it, which can then be used for cardholder-not-present fraud.
  • Card trapping uses a device that withholds the card, making it look like the ATM has retained it. The physical card is then taken and used for fraud.

If you have been accused of either of these acts, our credit card fraud solicitors in Manchester are available to offer professional representation and legal advice.

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How does card skimming and trapping work?

There are several ways to use card trapping and skimming for fraudulent activities, generally by using the card to buy goods or transfer money before it is reported lost or stolen.

Card trapping gives the fraudsters the physical card itself. This is often combined with other techniques such as fitting a tiny camera over the ATM keypad to record the victim's PIN so it can be used to authorise fraudulent transactions.

Card skimming obtains the details of the card, but not the physical card. As such, it cannot be used for in-person fraud unless a counterfeit card is made; however, the details can be used by typing them into a website or reciting them verbally over the phone.

Even those working in anti-fraud are not safe. Arnold Wagner OBE is senior independent director of CIFAS, the UK fraud prevention service.

After paying by card in a London restaurant, he later discovered his card details had been cloned when they were used, six months later, to make a fraudulent payment in Canada.

Counterfeit card fraud is a global problem and it can be very difficult to trace the moment when a card was skimmed - again highlighting the importance of technical knowledge and strong evidence when defending a case.

How we can help you

Draycott Browne, one of the UK's foremost Criminal Defence Law Firms, have a track record of over 20 years successfully defending card skimming and card trapping accusations.

If you are accused of one of these acts, or any kind of credit card fraud, it is important to seek professional advice from an appropriately skilled Criminal Defence Solicitor as soon as possible so we can start putting together your defence using all available evidence.

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