Legal Defence Against Charges of Falsifying Credit Card Applications

Criminals us genuine personal details to make falsified credit card applications, allowing them to obtain a real, authorised credit card in somebody else's name.

This often follows an incident of identity theft or identity fraud, but there are many ways to obtain somebody's personal details, such as phishing emails, skimming the data they share on social networks, or intercepting their physical post.

According to UK Finance's Fraud The Facts 2018 report, there are around 30,000 cases of card ID theft each year, costing about £30 million in card losses. Over a third of that relates to fraudulent applications, costing more than £11 million a year.

If you find yourself subject to an allegation of making falsified credit card applications, you can call Draycott Browne 24/7 on +44 (0)161 452 7673 to speak to one of our legal advisors.

Our team of credit card fraud solicitors in Manchester has been successfully defending cases for over 20 years and is ready to launch your defence day or night.

How big is the fraudulent card application problem?

UK Finance puts about a third of card ID theft cases down to falsified card applications; the remaining £18.5 million is account takeover, when a fraudster impersonates the accountholder in order to authorise a transaction.

But falsified card applications are growing. The UK anti-fraud organisation CIFAS reported a 12% increase in fraudulent card applications in the first half of 2018, with nearly 3,500 more cases.

To open a fraudulent credit card, fraudsters need the kind of personal information that many people share freely online via email or on social networks:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Who you bank with
  • Where you grew up

By obtaining a fully authorised, genuine credit card, the fraudsters are able to make more purchases and transfer more money before the fraud is detected.

In some cases, the victim is unaware that their identity has been stolen in this way, until they notice their credit rating fall or receive a debt recovery order from the card issuer.

How we can help you

If you find yourself accused of stealing somebody else's identity and using it to fraudulently apply for credit cards in their name, we can help to build a case to defend you against that claim.

At Draycott Browne our team of Criminal Defence Lawyers have worked on these and other credit card fraud cases for more than 20 years, and our credit card fraud solicitors in Manchester have the experience and expertise it takes to put together a successful defence.

Because of the nature of these kinds of fraud, defending such claims can be very technical and hinges on data relating to transactions and to the falsified applications themselves - so it's essential to work with legal representatives who understand the intricacies of card fraud cases.

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