Criminal Defence for Accusations of Using the Internet for Credit Card Fraud

There are many forms of online fraud, but here we specifically mean those cases of internet fraud that relate to credit card fraud - for example, obtaining individuals' credit card details by online deception and then using them to make payments, buy goods and transfer money.

Online credit card fraud itself can take many forms. For example, different fraudsters involved in different incidences of internet fraud might:

  • Use stolen cards for online transactions, including ordering goods online and transferring money or requesting a cash advance on the card.
  • Buy and sell databases of stolen credit card details via websites and the 'dark web' which can then be used to create counterfeit cards.
  • Set up websites and send out emails to commit 'phishing' attacks, in an attempt to gain enough details from an individual to clone their card.

Clearly internet fraud can overlap with cases of real-world credit card fraud too, but some acts - such as sending out phishing emails or setting up fake websites to collect people's card details - can only be committed online.

At Draycott Browne we have over 20 years' experience in defending all kinds of credit card fraud allegations on behalf of our clients. Accusations of online credit card fraud in particular need up-to-date expertise in order to mount a successful defence.

By continually updating our practices and procedures and keeping abreast of developments in internet credit card fraud in Manchester and across the north-west, we make sure we have the necessary knowhow to build your defence.

Internet and identity fraud cases

Collecting information in order to fraudulently use another person's credit card is a form of identity theft. In the first half of 2018, a report from UK anti-fraud organisation CIFAS saw a 12% increase in falsified credit card applications using these kinds of methods.

At the time, CIFAS said: "To carry out this kind of fraud successfully, fraudsters need access to their victim's personal information such as name, date of birth, address, their bank, and who they hold accounts with.

"Fraudsters get hold of this in a variety of ways, through 'social engineering' where innocent parties are persuaded to give up personal information to someone pretending to be from a trusted retailer."

Not all online fraud involves pretending to be a retailer - fraudsters can also pretend to be representatives of other organisations and agencies too, from law enforcement to accountants and even imitating HMRC.

How we can help you

Accusations of online fraud and related credit card fraud often require a tech-savvy defence to prove that it was not you who set up a website, sent an email, or carried out an online transaction.

Draycott Browne's credit card fraud solicitors in Manchester have the expertise across both areas - credit card fraud in general, and online fraud in particular - to mount a successful defence on your behalf.

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