SUCCESSFUL application to the criminal cases review commission - December 2022

In December 2022, the Criminal Cases Review Commission (“the Commission”) referred the case of Mr. L to the Court of Appeal.

Mr. L had previously been convicted of a serious sexual offence and it was only after the conviction had been recorded that he chose to instruct Draycott Browne and in particular our Mr. Draycott.

Mr. L was in a position to fund his representation on a private fee paying basis. That saw to it that Mr. Draycott handled the case personally and after many months of careful preparation and a series of meetings with Mr. L, extensive, detailed submissions were eventually prepared and filed with the Commission. The process took place over a very lengthy period and powerful challenges to decisions made by the Commission were raised, resulting in the application succeeding.

No further comment will be made at this stage, pending the listing of Mr. L’s case before the Court of Appeal during 2023.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission has published a press release in relation to this case and you may want to read it at

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