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If you or someone you know has been accused of credit card fraud, our Credit Card Fraud Solicitors are able to provide expert legal advice and representation.

Credit card fraud is a fast-evolving area of criminal law, with advancing technology adding to the challenges for enforcement agencies. Cases of credit card fraud are often highly complex, and expert representation is essential.

Draycott Browne has successfully represented and advised clients in serious high value credit card fraud cases since 1998 and we defend our clients with tenacity, vigour and attention to detail. Our team of highly skilled and experienced fraud solicitors could help you defend your case. Call us today on +44 (0)161 228 2244


Credit card fraud covers a range of different offences, and can refer to simple, small scale cases of single card fraud to highly organised fraudulent operations where high sums of money are stolen. Examples of credit card fraud include:

Skimming: Using a device either at a cash machine or in a retail premises to record card details from genuine customers. These details are then used for fraudulent activities on the victim’s account.

Falsifying credit card applications: Using illegally obtained personal details (e.g. from identity theft) to fraudulently apply for a credit card.

Internet fraud: Setting up false vendor sites online with the sole purpose of obtaining credit card details illegally to be used for fraudulent transactions.

Duplicating cards: Illegally obtained card details are used create duplicate cards, either with the original name or the fraudsters’ name. These are then used to purchase goods.

Card Trapping: Using a device at a cash machine to retain a credit card, so that the card details can be used fraudulently.


The penalties for credit card fraud vary greatly depending on the severity of the offence. If convicted, an individual could be facing anything from a small fine to many years’ imprisonment. Whatever your circumstances, if you have been accused of credit card fraud, you should seek advice from an experienced credit card fraud solicitor as soon as possible.


For over 20 years, Draycott Browne has been successfully guiding and defending clients in serious and high value fraud cases. Our credit card fraud solicitors are skilled and experienced at handling highly complex cases, and we will robustly challenge the evidence against you. We have a formidable reputation for defending serious high value cases with tenacity and precision to provide our clients with the best defence possible.

We will liaise with the authorities for you and if you are asked for information, we will counsel you on what to say. We have over 20 years’ experience dealing with the main enforcement agencies, such as:

  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
  • The Serious Fraud Office (SFO)

Throughout your case, we will be there to support you and provide you with professional advice and guidance, including:

  • Representing you during questioning
  • Ensuring your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly throughout the process
  • Advising you on your plea
  • Applying for bail – where necessary - and ensuring the impact of any conditions is minimised
  • Ensuring you are fully prepared for your trial
  • Providing expert representation in court
  • Helping you protect your reputation
  • Advising and assisting you on the appeals process, if necessary

We understand that being charged with a fraud offence can be a very worrying experience. Our dedicated and experienced legal team will work tirelessly to defend your case, whilst ensuring that you and your loved ones are treated with understanding, empathy and respect at all times.


It is not always possible to anticipate an arrest, which is why our legal advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Draycott Browne we have a team of professionals ready to assist you whenever you need us. We will represent you at from the start to make sure you and your case are treated fairly and appropriately.


Defending your name is worth every penny, but if you need assistance with the financial cost of your legal fees, we can help you to apply for legal aid. Our solicitors can guide you through the application process to help you get the maximum support possible.


Draycott Browne offers services within Manchester and throughout the north west of England. By entrusting your case to us, you can be confident that you will be working with a team of highly skilled and dedicated legal specialists.

Our legal team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with solicitors committed to providing world-class representation to all their clients. If you or somebody you know has been arrested and needs expert legal representation, call Draycott Browne today on +44 (0)161 228 2244 or complete our contact form.

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