Falsely accused OF a Sexual Offence

We are a leading criminal law firm based in Manchester, specialising in helping innocent people to defend themselves against false accusations of sexual crimes where the police are involved.

A person can find him or herself wrongly accused of a wide range of sexual offences, from rape to the alleged making, possessing or distribution of indecent images.

When someone reports a crime to the police, the police will decide whether they need to investigate. If you are the subject of a police investigation, this will inevitably involve significant upheaval and distress over a period of many months. It is essential that you seek advice from an experienced solicitor as soon as you become aware of the investigation as anything you say or do can undermine your defence, even if you are innocent.

What is a false allegation of having committed a sexual offence?

A false allegation is where someone says that you have committed an offence when you have not done so. The biggest challenge for a Defendant is that it is often a case of their word against yours, and there are rarely any witnesses.

To be accused of a sexual offence is one of the most serious, damaging and distressing charges an individual can face.

There is a stigma attached to these types of allegations that can have far-reaching impacts on the accused person’s life. Even when allegations do not lead to criminal sanctions, the effects of being wrongly accused are likely to be devastating.

Unfortunately, there has been a significant increase in the number of cases involving false accusations over the last few years.

The rise of false allegations may be in part due to the widespread media coverage of high profile historic abuse cases resulting in more cases being reported overall. Sometimes, compensation is an incentive.

Whatever the circumstances of your case, we have great experience in providing legal assistance to individuals falsely accused of all types of sexual offences including allegations of rape, sexual assault allegations, and historic abuse cases.

If you have been falsely accused of a sexual offence you will need specialist advice from an experienced legal team.

Draycott Browne Solicitors are one of only a few criminal law firms in the North of England to have dedicated lawyers for defending sexual offence allegations, including false allegations.

What to do, and what not to do, if you have been falsely accused

It is vital that you seek legal advice as soon as you learn about the allegations.

Even if you believe you are innocent, it is a mistake to attend the police interview without proper representation. The interview will be recorded and anything you say can be used in court in the future.

An experienced lawyer, with a deep understanding of the criminal justice system, will be able to put you in the best position to defend against a false allegation of a sexual nature.

  • Seek legal representation immediately
  • Take the accusation seriously - do not assume the authorities will see it your way
  • Do not try to take matters into your own hands
  • Do not try to approach or make contact with the Complainant
  • Do not interfere with any evidence that could be used during the investigation

It can be very traumatic and upsetting to be wrongly accused of a sexual crime, but the best thing you can do is stay calm and follow the advice of your lawyer.

Have you been falsely accused of a sexual offence?

There are many reasons why someone can be falsely accused of a sexual offence.

If the accuser does not truly have reasonable grounds for believing the offence took place, they are making the allegations vindictively, or they are attempting to pervert the course of Justice, they may be committing an offence themselves.

The most important thing to remember is that a lawyer with expertise in this area will know how to fully examine the case against you, and build the right defence required to ensure an acquittal.

How can we help?

Our experience in all matters of criminal defence, and our deep understanding of the impact that false accusations can have on both those wrongly accused and their families, means we are well placed to provide the highest standards of advice and representation in these cases.

The stress and confusion of legal proceedings can be significantly reduced if expert legal advice is sought at an early stage.

At Draycott Browne, our specialist criminal defence lawyers are ready to offer professional legal advice and representation from the initial police interview to proceedings at court.

We have been helping people falsely accused of sexual crimes since 1998, using the experience gained to provide the best-possible defence for all our clients.

We conduct a thorough examination of all evidence to build a complete picture of your case and compile your defence. This includes a thorough examination of historical medical records, social service records and school records to uncover whether or not the accuser has made any reference to the alleged incident before.

Our objective is to protect you from a custodial sentence and ensure the correct judgment is reached.

Good communication is a core part of our ethos, and we know how much this is valued by our clients. We are available 24/7 and maintain regular contact from beginning to end to ensure you always know the status of your case.

We can work with you from your initial police interview through to the end of the process, providing you with total legal support throughout.

Reviews and Appeals

Draycott Browne have a proven track record of successfully taking cases to the Criminal Case Review Commission - the independent body for investigating cases where it is suspected that there has been a miscarriage of justice.

The CCRC will consider all the evidence and circumstances relating to your case, and if they feel that you have a good chance of getting a different outcome based on new information, they will send your case back to be re-examined in the appeal courts.

Whatever your situation we can help you so please don’t delay.


When falsely accused of a crime as serious as a sexual offence, it is essential that you seek the best legal advice available to you.

The Sexual Offence team at Draycott Browne is highly regarded nationally across the legal profession and is noted for consistently delivering positive results, particularly in high profile cases.

As one of the nation's leading Criminal Defence Law Firms, we regularly act for clients in London and throughout the North West including Manchester and Liverpool, who need expert legal representation and advocacy following false allegations of sexual offences.

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