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Our Investment Fraud Solicitors offer specialist legal advice to anyone accused of committing investment fraud.

If you or your business is facing investment fraud allegations, it is vital that you contact a legal adviser to discuss your case as soon as possible. Draycott Browne has represented clients in serious high value fraud cases since 1998, meaning we have the expertise required to handle your case with the utmost care.

Our knowledgeable and experienced fraud solicitors know how to approach complex cases such as these, and we will work hard to gain the best possible result for you. We will deal with the authorities on your behalf and advise you on what to say during this difficult time.

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how our investment fraud solicitors can help you

We pride ourselves in helping you throughout the legal process, ensuring all your questions are answered and everything is as stress-free as possible. Commonly, we:

  • Provide you with assistance in relation to dawn raids
  • Prepare you for an interview with the authorities
  • Secure bail on your behalf
  • Challenge the authorities on search warrants and restraining orders
  • Prepare your defence for a trial
  • Defend you in court

However, we understand that no case is the same and help you with anything which comes up during the process, working closely with you to develop a bespoke defence which provides the best-possible chance of a successful outcome.

About investment fraud

Investment fraud can come in a number of different forms, usually promising a high return on investment. If you have been accused of investment fraud of any nature, it is essential that you seek advice from a legal specialist as soon as possible in order to prepare a robust defence for your case.

At Draycott Browne, our solicitors have years of experience in defending clients who have been accused of investment fraud and we are confident in our ability to provide the specialist advice and representation that you require at this time.

The most types of investment fraud have been detailed below.

Boiler Room fraud

Share and bond scams usually operate from ‘boiler rooms’, which are high-pressure sales environments used in the process of selling overpriced, worthless or non-existent shares or bonds. Boiler room scams are often use sophisticated tactics to approach potential investors, offering to buy or sell shares in a manner that will bring a large return.


A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation in which the operator generates returns for existing investors through revenue that is paid by new investors. This is an alternative to generating returns through legitimate business activities or profit of financial trading.

Operators of Ponzi schemes can either be individuals or corporations, and grab the attention of new investors by offering short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent.

Pyramid fraud

A pyramid fraud scheme involves an unsustainable business that rewards people for enrolling other individuals into a business that offering a non-existent or worthless product. In this type of activity, the person overseeing the scheme usually advertises a multi-level investment scheme that offers extraordinary profits for little or no risk.

When should you seek legal advice?

It is essential to contact a solicitor immediately if you:

  • Have been told you are under investigation
  • Are facing a prosecution
  • Have been charged with fraud
  • Have been asked to speak to the authorities

Seeking legal advice as soon as possible means your case is more likely to be a success. We urge those accused of high value fraud to speak to a legal adviser from the moment you are informed you are under investigation. However, we are happy to provide advice and representation at any point during your case.

Contact us today

If you are under investigation for investment fraud, contact our specialist team today. Part of the wider Criminal Defence Lawyers team, our team of Investment Fraud Solicitors have significant expertise in these cases and will be able to provide you with the best-possible advice and support.

The Fraud Defence Lawyers at Draycott Browne possess a breadth of knowledge that is unrivalled in the industry and we take great pride in our dedication and professionalism. We are relentless in the pursuit of achieving the best result possible for all of our clients and will continuously work hard on your behalf with an attention to detail and tenacity that is second to none.

We have over 25 years of experience in this area of law. Our experience and expertise in even the most complex and sophisticated of cases means you’ll have the best possible chance of a successful outcome to the challenge you are facing.

Draycott Browne is one of the UK's top criminal law firms. We regularly provide specialist criminal defence representation in cases involving investment fraud to clients in Manchester, Liverpool, London, Birmingham and throughout the whole of England and Wales.

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