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Have you or someone you know been accused of committing criminal damage? Our Criminal Damage Solicitors are able to offer specialist legal advice and representation to anyone accused.

Being convicted of criminal damage can have a noticeable impact on your future, with the ability to get jobs, for example, made more difficult as a result of the conviction. Minor criminal damage offences are also often people’s first experience with legal issues, making the process incredibly nerve-wracking.

Because of this, it is vital to secure legal representation as soon as possible. Our specialist team of Defence Lawyers have been working with individuals accused of committing criminal damage since 1998. We are extremely familiar with the law surrounding it and will be able to support you throughout the case.

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What is criminal damage?

Criminal damage is committed when a person destroys or damages property belonging to another person without lawful excuse. Damage does not have to be permanent, just have an impact on the performance or value of the property.

A basic example of criminal damage could be as simple as breaking a fencing panel in a fit of anger. It is also important to note that the damage doesn’t have to have been committed on purpose to be defined as criminal damage. If you are kicking a ball against a wall and accidentally break a window the victim will have the opportunity to pursue a criminal damage claim, if they can show awareness of the risk of damage being caused.

What are the penalties for criminal damage?

The penalties for criminal damage are dependant on the type of damage caused, typically:

  • Minor criminal damage, which is classified as causing damage with a value of less than £5,000, has a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment plus compensation
  • Criminal damage valuing more than £5,000 has a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, alongside requiring payment of damages to the victim.

Criminal damage hearings are performed at both the magistrates’ court and the crown court, with the value of the damage caused by the offence deciding on the location of the hearing.

With potential sentences being this steep, it is vital that anyone accused accesses effective legal representation as soon as possible. Our team of specialist criminal damage solicitors will fight your corner from the start, ensuring all the facts are in place to establish a robust defence. We work closely with all our clients, providing in-depth advice and making sure they have a full understanding of their case.

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Legal fees can be an unexpected cost which you find difficult to afford. Legal aid is available to support you with these costs, ensuring you are able to gain access to quality representation. Our solicitors can guide you through the process of applying for legal aid, giving you the best possible chance of successfully applying.

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