COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Update

In response to the unprecedented events surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, we would like to confirm that, subject to the following modifications, the availability of our services will remain unchanged.

The majority of our staff members will, for the foreseeable future, operate from their home addresses. It will still be possible, however, to contact us via 0161 228 2244 on a 24 hour basis. If you are in need of advice, assistance or representation, therefore, you should not hesitate to contact us. All of our solicitors and legal advisors remain available via their mobile telephones and email addresses.

We will continue to thoroughly prepare our client’s cases and we will continue to attend at Police Stations, Prisons and Courts at least until such time as a decision is made to close those facilities.

In the event that we need to attend upon our clients in order to take instructions, such attendances (where possible) will be conducted using Skype, WhatsApp, Face Time or video link technology.

We rather hope that the current health crisis will be short-lived, though, in any event, we remain satisfied that the provision of our services will be maintained at the highest possible level throughout.

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