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If you stand accused of MTIC or carousel fraud, our VAT fraud defence solicitors can help you to build your case and improve your chances to successfully defend against the allegations made against you.

Because VAT is paid to HM Revenue & Customs, any suspected MTIC or carousel fraud is likely to be investigated thoroughly by HMRC's investigators and if they determine that any losses have been incurred, you will be pursued for full repayment with the maximum penalties that can be applied.

In addition to this, there can be substantial criminal convictions if you are found to be part of an organised carousel fraud or MTIC network - so it's not just a case of repaying any VAT you have fraudulently retained.

At Draycott Browne our fraud solicitors have 20 years' experience working with individuals accused of carousel fraud and similar VAT frauds and we have a high rate of success at defending such accusations. To get us on your side, call us 24/7 on +44 (0)161 452 7677.

What is MTIC?

Carousel fraud and MTIC are methods to sell goods with VAT added to the price, and then keep the VAT charged instead of paying it to the government as required.

MTIC stands for Missing Trader Intra-Community and is a way to defraud national tax offices like HMRC of VAT payments that should rightfully be made to them.

Also commonly known as carousel fraud, MTIC involves importing goods free from VAT from other countries, and then selling them domestically with VAT added to the price.

This VAT is then kept by the seller - the so-called 'missing trader' because they disappear along with the tax revenues.

Carousel fraud is similar but typically a little more complex, as it involves a ring of individuals, companies or jurisdictions and the goods are sold from one to the next in a circular motion.

In some cases of carousel fraud, the same goods are eventually sold back to the originating party and the loop begins over again, with the participants able to claim back the VAT they pay on their tax return while also retaining the VAT they charge to the next link in the chain.

Who commits carousel fraud?

All kinds of individuals and businesses can become involved in carousel fraud, especially those involved with importing or exporting goods, or selling those goods domestically.

The amounts of money involved are large - often millions of pounds of goods like electronics and mobile phones, which can be sold on very quickly once they have been imported.

After the goods have been sold, the importer disappears and this may leave innocent parties further down the supply chain exposed to accusations and attempts to recover tax revenues if the offending party cannot be located.

Because of the high speed of carousel fraud schemes, the large sums of money and the difficulty in proving accusations, the cost to the UK economy each year is several billions of pounds.

This is also why if you stand accused, it is likely that HMRC will pursue the case as fiercely as they are able, and why you should contact Draycott Browne on +44 (0)161 452 7677 as soon as possible so that we can start building a successful defence for you.

What are the penalties for MTIC fraud?

Committing fraud against the tax office - also known as 'revenue fraud' - is high risk because if the crime is discovered, it is likely to be taken through court and prosecuted to the fullest extent.

The huge sums of money involved in VAT frauds like MTIC and carousel schemes also make it more likely that you will suffer a severe penalty if convicted.

It's not just a case of paying back any VAT you have fraudulently retained - the sentences for even relatively small revenue frauds start from months or even several years in prison.

And in larger cases involving millions of pounds of goods and/or where you are deemed to be the ringleader or a senior figure in organising the fraud, sentences on conviction can include decades in prison.

How Draycott Browne can help

If you are falsely accused of VAT fraud, Draycott Browne can help to build a successful defence case while also disproving any apparent evidence held against you.

The good news in complex carousel fraud cases and allegations of MTIC fraud is that they have historically been very difficult to prove, making it more likely that we will be able to successfully defend your case.

We have over 20 years' experience working as VAT fraud defence solicitors and in other areas of financial fraud defence too, and we have seen HMRC increase the rigour and vigour of their investigations over that time.

Because of this it is essential that you involve Draycott Browne's legal team at the earliest possible opportunity, so that we can help you to decide what to say to the authorities and ensure that the evidence you provide to them supports your defence.

Our legal advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so whatever time of day or night you need our help, you can reach our solicitors office in Manchester on +44 (0)161 452 7677.

Legal advice around the clock

It's impossible to know when an arrest might be made. In many cases the police will come to your workplace during the day, because they know there is a good chance of finding you there.

If for any reason they decide to arrest you at home or consider you to be a flight risk, there's a greater chance that they might make the arrest at night.

This can leave you exhausted and disorientated, but it's crucial that you take legal advice before you give any interviews or evidence to the authorities, as even these initial interviews may be admissible in court.

We have legal advisors a phone call away 24/7 so if you are arrested in the middle of the night, especially on charges that you are innocent of, you don't have to face interrogation alone.

Legal aid

Some cases may qualify for legal aid. In recent years this has become more difficult to obtain, so if you are interested in making a legal aid application to help pay for your defence, please let your Draycott Browne solicitor know as soon as possible.

We can help you to understand the application process and whether legal aid is likely to be available in your case, so that together we can make sure there is no risk of you being left without representation due to financial issues.

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If you have been accused of a major VAT revenue fraud such as carousel fraud or MTIC, or you know somebody who has, you can call us 24/7 on +44 (0)161 452 7677 for expert advice about your circumstances and to get our help in building a successful defence.

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