Cardiff City striker, Lee Tomlin

"Our Mr. Draycott was instructed by Mr. Tomlin at the very beginning of this case. As a result, Mr. Tomlin received the best available advice both during the course of the police investigation and when his case proceeded to Court.

Obtaining early advice is essential in relation to any criminal investigation. Here, Mr. Draycott guided Mr. Tomlin through two Police interviews, held under caution, and his advice contributed to the case being finalised, successfully.

Although a charge of causing Grievous Bodily Harm was ultimately brought against Mr. Tomlin, efforts made upon his behalf by Mr. Draycott and counsel, Mr. Chris Daw QC, led to no evidence being offered at a hearing conducted before Leicester Crown Court on Friday, 3rd November 2017. Mr Tomlin admitted a public order offence for which he was made the subject of a community order."

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