Aaron Wan Bissaka (Manchester United Defender) Represented in Driving Offence - 20th December 2021


On the 18th June 2021, at a hearing conducted in the absence of Mr. Wan-Bissaka at Leeds Magistrates Court, he was disqualified from driving for a period of six months. Five days later, on the 23rd June 2021,Mr. Wan-Bissaka was stopped by Police Officers whilst driving along the A34 close to Stockport, Cheshire. Subsequently, he was reported for the offences of driving whilst disqualified and driving without insurance.

Soon after these events, our Mr. Draycott was instructed to act on behalf of Mr. Wan-Bissaka and he very quickly made arrangements for the previously mentioned disqualification to be set aside. This was achieved because we were able to show that Mr. Wan-Bissaka knew nothing of the hearing that had taken place on the 18th June and that he had, in fact, been out of the country at the time.

In the months that followed, we carefully researched the circumstances of Mr. Wan-Bissaka’s case. A great deal of confusion had been created by the provision of inaccurate information by the authorities, though, shortly prior to the hearing on the 20th December 2021, it became clear that, on the 30th August 2020, Mr. Wan-Bissaka had committed two, relatively minor, offences of speeding in the Bradford area of West Yorkshire. As a result, given that his licence had previously been endorsed with penalty points, he fell to be disqualified from driving under the totting up procedure.

Accordingly, on the 20th December 2021, Mr. Wan-Bissaka accepted his fate. Following the provision of guilty pleas to offences related to the speeding incidents in Yorkshire, together with the previously admitted offences of driving whilst disqualified and driving without insurance, a financial penalty was imposed together with a period of disqualification from driving for 6 months.

The fine, whilst relatively high, was less than could have been expected (in accordance with the relevant sentencing guidelines) and the period of disqualification was the shortest that was available to the Court.

On any view, therefore, this was a very successful outcome for Mr. Wan-Bissaka in relation to what was a rather complicated and potentially serious case.

It was a pleasure to offer advice, assistance and representation to Mr. Wan-Bissaka and we wish him well in so far as his personal and professional future is concerned.


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