12TH-18TH MAY 2021 (FOR TRIAL)

Shaun Draycott represented former Warrington Wolves and Leigh Centurions star, Anthony Gelling, in relation to an allegation of unlawful wounding.

Mr. Gelling, a 30 year old man of previous good character, contacted Draycott Browne Limited only after being interviewed by the Police in February 2020. In one view, that was unfortunate. We would always recommend those who are formally interviewed by the Police, either whilst under arrest or as volunteers, to make arrangements for our attendance.  Nonetheless, Mr. Gelling had provided an excellent account of himself, explaining to the interviewing Police Officers that during the course of the incident in question he had acted both reasonably and in self-defence.

Despite being interviewed in February 2020, Mr. Gelling was not immediately charged with an offence. Indeed, he did not make his first appearance before the Magistrates Court until July 2020 following which his case was formally sent to the Crown Court at Liverpool.

In the months that followed Mr. Gelling’s first appearance before the Court, he spent much time in the company of Mr. Draycott such that his defence was very thoroughly prepared. All elements of the prosecution case were carefully analysed; a detailed account was taken from Mr. Gelling and the scene of the alleged incident, an incident that had involved the use of a motor vehicle, was examined and photographed by an expert.

We take the view that inspecting the scene of an alleged crime can be of great benefit to the defence case. Often such inspections are impossible because cases are not funded adequately though we were fortunate in that Mr. Gelling, at least in the opening stages of his case, was able to meet our costs on a private fee paying basis.

Mr. Gelling’s case finally proceeded to trial at Liverpool Crown Court in May 2021. Careful cross-examination of the Complainant and the provision of excellent and consistent evidence by Mr. Gelling led the Jury to return a unanimous NOT GUILTY verdict.

Mr. Gelling’s case attracted a degree of adverse comment from those who had read about its outcome online. However, we are entirely confident that the Jury reached an appropriate verdict.

Mr. Gelling’s case was expertly prepared by Mr. Draycott and presented with great care by Martine Snowdon of Exchange Chambers, Liverpool. It is clear, by consequence, that the Jury were persuaded, quite properly, that Mr. Gelling had acted properly and reasonably at all times. The Jury were clearly content that Mr. Gelling, on the afternoon in question, had faced a situation of danger in that a vehicle, driven by the Complainant in his case, had been reversed towards him. Recognising that he was in danger of serious injury, Mr. Gelling did cause facial injuries to the Complainant, though, on any analysis, his instinctive reaction was not unreasonable and that was the view of the Jury.

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