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Our specialist Parole Board Solicitors provide total support, throughout the process of applying for parole, giving you or your loved one the best-possible chance of achieving a positive outcome.

Applying for parole is an incredibly nerve-wracking process for anyone. Although you feel you are ready for release from prison and a fresh start in life, convincing the parole board of this is a difficult process.

The team at Draycott Browne have decades of experience presenting cases to parole boards. We know exactly what is required and can give you the best possible chance of emerging with a positive result. Call our specialist team of Parole Board Hearing Solicitors today on +44 (0)161 452 7674 or request a callback today.

What is a parole hearing?

Getting parole allows you to leave prison or be released from custody before the end of your sentence. Following release, you will be kept under supervision for the rest of your sentence, this is known as being “on license” or probation.

Eligibility for parole depends on your sentence and will have been communicated with you at sentencing. When eligible, the government will apply for parole on your behalf.

The parole hearing will occur in front of a panel of up to three people and will be given to you if the Parole Board thinks you have a realistic prospect of being eligible for release, they require extra evidence from you or they think you deserve an oral hearing in the interests of fairness.

At your hearing, the Parole Board will review a range of evidence about your previous offences, time in prison, your plans upon release and any relevant victim statements or medical psychiatric or psychological evidence before making a decision on your release.

The process of applying for parole

Once you become eligible for parole, the government will apply for it on your behalf. Following this, you will receive an application for to fill in and the prison will put together documents detailing information on your time in prison and your plans upon release.

You are then able to check the documents are correct and add more evidence on why you should be released before this package is then sent to the Parole Board. From then, you will either be told you are not eligible for parole or be invited to a parole hearing.

Typically, the process of applying for parole to receiving a final decision will take around six months.

How we can help

At Draycott Browne, our Prison Law Solicitors have been helping people at parole board hearings since 1998. We work closely with you to ensure your parole application is filled out correctly and all relevant evidence is included, ensuring the best-possible chance of receiving a hearing.

We will then prepare you for your Parole Board hearing and attend the hearing with you, ensuring you provide the best evidence possible and all witnesses are thoroughly and effectively cross-examined.

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