CoronEr's Court Solicitors and Fatal Accidents at Work Inquests

If your business requires coroner's court representation, our team of Coroner's Court Representation Solicitors are at-your-side, providing specialist support and advice throughout.

If a fatal accident has occurred within your business, or as a result of a failure in workplace procedures, such as in a medical environment, this can represent an extremely difficult and challenging time for you, your employees or colleagues and your business. The cause of death will then have to be referred to the coroner’s court to establish the exact cause of death and the circumstances surrounding it, adding to the distress and anxiety for those involved.

If you or any of the procedures within your company are found to be at fault, you could face prosecution and risk losing your business and livelihood. It is therefore essential you seek immediate legal advice so that your rights and interests can be represented in court.

If there has been a fatality within your workplace do not hesitate to seek help and assistance from the legal professionals at Draycott Browne who can support you throughout the process. Call us today on +44 (0)161 228 2244 and speak to one of our experts.


At Draycott Browne, we have extensive experience of supporting clients through the coroner’s court proceedings and of providing first-class representation on their behalf. We regularly enlist the services of expert witnesses like healthcare professionals and engineers whose specialist knowledge can be utilised to represent clients’ interests at court.

Our specially trained regulatory defence solicitors will deal with your situation sensitively and with empathy and understanding, and will thoroughly examine all the evidence into the incident to accurately represent your position.

We pride ourselves on providing clear and coherent advice and will provide you with straight-forward legal advice on the implications of your situation.

We can help with:

  • Challenging procedural decisions in court.
  • Obtaining key information that wouldn’t otherwise be available without the assistance of a legal team.
  • Helping to overturn a verdict.

We will also provide advice and guidance on health and safety issues and your responsibilities as an employer. We can help you to ensure your business is operating in compliance with the law to prevent further accidents and fatalities.

At Draycott Browne, our accomplished solicitors are experts in all areas of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation and the frequent changes and amendments that occur.

By instructing Draycott Browne to represent you at court you can be sure that you have a professional, highly skilled team on your side who will work tirelessly to protect you and your business with the aim of protecting you from criminal investigation.

What Is The Coroner’s Court?

Where a death has occurred due to an accident, it is the coroner’s role to determine exactly what happened and the factors that led to the fatality. Accidents that require a coroner’s involvement include:

  • An accident at work
  • A road traffic accident
  • A medical accident
  • A death at an event or sporting activity

An inquest will also be required if the cause of death:

  • Is unknown
  • Was sudden or unexpected
  • Occurred in police custody, prison or other state detention
  • Was the result of criminal behaviour
  • Was unnatural
  • Is suspicious
  • Was due to violence or neglect
  • Occurred during a medical procedure

An inquest at a coroner’s court is purely a fact-finding exercise to establish the facts surrounding the death and to establish a true account of what happened. This is so that the exact cause of death can be recorded on a person’s death certificate so that funeral arrangements can be made and that person’s estate can be settled. The coroner’s court does not decide issues of guilt, blame or compensation and these factors will be dealt with separately in the civil and criminal courts.

Coroner’s Court Verdicts

A variety of verdicts can be given by a coroner at the end of an inquest but in the event of a fatal accident, there are two verdicts in particular which are the most likely.

Death by unlawful killing

As well as including criminal acts this verdict will also cover serious negligence like an employer not complying with health and safety regulations at work. In this instance, criminal investigations may also be pursued.

Accidental death or death by misadventure

This verdict means that there was no intention to cause death although someone may have accidentally caused the death due to medical negligence for example or disease caused by exposure to certain substances in the workplace.

If there is a serious issue to be investigated or criminal proceedings to be undertaken following the findings of the coroner, then the relevant authorities will be notified.

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